Since the establishment of the university in 1995, central library has started it’s activity and it is increasingly  extending with the aim of providing services to students and professors . The information section of this library collects information from online and offline databases and has started it’s activity since 2008.

Technical services:

This section has started it’s activity since 2006 and books are categorized based on congress classification order. This is all done with the aim of easily access to books based on the authors name , title, subject, publisher and other information our expert librarians are wieldng.

Service providing and loaning section:

This section loans books in both Persian and Latin to the subscribers, registers members, reserves documents and separates worn-out books and sends them to binding. This section also takes orders.

Periodic  serial and references :

There are serials and scientific magazines in this section and students can access to the archives of magazines of previous years and thesis of students.

Orders section:

In this section orders are taken and resources such as books, serials, data bases and etc are provided with the priority of financial credits.

Information and document providing:

This section was formed in the early of 2008 and it is collecting information from authentic databases for different fields of study. Here students can use databases online and this section is planning to extent the available offline databases inside the university and is going to develop it’s exchanges with other research centers.